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 Posters & Demonstrations


 Outreach (Room 336)

                                                         Using a Mobile Laboratory to Promote College-Level Outreach and Graduate Student Engagement in Precollege 
                                                         STEM Literacy 
        8 Classroom RedesignPatricia Irizarry, Susan Coletta, Kathleen Scott, OSE

Designing More Effective Broader Impacts and Community Engagement Grant Programs
         Patricia Irizarry & Lauren Adamo, Rutgers Science Explorer and Geology Museum

Rutgers Geology Museum: Crafting for Science Education
         Julie Criscione, Geology Museum

A 21st-Century Science Museum in Rutgers Geology Hall
         Carla Yanni, Patricia Irizarry, Lauren Adamo

Sample Outreach Activities from the Rutgers Science Explorer and Geology Museum 


Assessment and Technology (Room 307)

                                                         Paperless Grading and Effective Data Collection
          James Chun, OSE, CIRC7 Technology in the Classroom copy

Sleuth: A Gamified Framework for STEM Problem Solving
          Emily Atieh & Marc N. Muñiz, CIRC

Teaching Microbiology Laboratory with Tablets
          Alex Walczak and Sue Skelly, Life Sciences

Designing Effective Exams
          Marc Muñiz, OSE, CIRC

Paperless Grading and Effective Data Collection
          Darrin York and James Chun, CIRC


Course Transformations (Room 309)

                                                        ISLE-based Introductory Physics Lab Reform
                                                                       Joshua Rutberg, Eugenia Etkina, Diane Jammula, OSE, Department of Physics, Newark

                                                         Designing General Biology Research Lab
Course Transformations          Monica Torres, Gregg Transue, Martha Haviland, Life Sciences

Students' Perceptions and Use of Online Resources in Introductory Physics
          Charles Ruggieri, OSE, Physics & Astronomy

Transforming Introductory Computer Science
         Ana Paula Centeno, France Trees & Ananda Gunawardena, Department of Computer Science

Using Network Analysis to Evaluate Community in an Engineering Physics Course 
           Geraldine Cochran, OSE, Department of Physics

P2C2: Rethinking Mathematics Education
           Shadi Tahvildar-Zadeh, Eric Carlen, Department of Mathematics

                                                        Supporting Research on Teaching and Learning
                                                                       Mary Emenike, Chaz Ruggieri, Geraldine Cochrane, Marc Muñiz, Eugenia Etkina, Ron Ransome, TRIAD

                                                        Demonstrations of active learning activities from Biology, Chemistry, Physics


OSE Partners and Friends (Front Desk Area) 

Geology Museum

Active Learning Community: Supporting Teaching Together
            Stacey Blackwell, Mary Emenike, Chris Morett, and Dave Wyrtzen

The Rutgers Learning Assistant Program 
            Stacey Blackwell and Corey Ptak, Rutgers Learning Centers

Aresty Research Center
            Vadim Levin, Aresty Faculty Director, Professor, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences