Thehomepgae welcome Office of STEM Education serves to catalyze and support departmental and interdepartmental efforts and related activities targeted at improving the quality of core education in STEM. This includes:

  • building and sustaining strong collaborations with the professional schools that rely on SAS for the fundamental instruction of their students
  • coordinating STEM-specific ongoing professional development for faculty and graduate students associated with instructional transformations and innovations
  • supporting and facilitating STEM outreach to the broader community

The Office of STEM Education is overseen by:

Susan Lawrence, Vice Dean for Undergraduate Education, and
Ronald Ransome, Associate Dean of the Office of STEM Education.

The Office of STEM Education includes the following efforts: 


    The STEM Transformations using Research-based Instructional practices, Assessment and Dissemination (TRIAD) coalition. Led by Mary Emenike (Chemistry and Chemical Biology), this coalition serves as a research and organizing center for implementation and assessment of course transformations based on discipline based education research. TRIAD serves as a base to build a community dedicated to improvement of instruction in the STEM disciplines, including the quantitative disciplines in the social sciences and humanities.
  • Math & Science Learning Center (MSLC)

    Led by Professor Kathleen Scott (Cell Biology and Neuroscience), the Math & Science Learning Center provides a space for student collaboration and learning, public outreach programs to K-12 students and teachers, promotes collaboration among outreach programs across the university, and fosters the development of programming which brings together the educational expertise and rich array of research initiatives of faculty and graduate students in the STEM disciplines. Among the major outreach activities are the Rutgers Science Explorer, led Dr. Patty Irizarry, and the Geology Museum, overseen by Dr. Patty Irizarry and Dr. Lauren Neitzke Adamo.